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When was the word sodomy first used? Who ever said it? Well, I’m pretty sure it was first used by Thomas Jefferson in the late 1500s. But back to the Bible and those people, “A witch hath seen a baby dead” means they were expecting a little bit, not a baby born. The first reference I can find for the word “haggle” is in the Bible. We will get to the Bible later. Let’s get to the history, shall we?
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The History of Haggling

Haggling was introduced to the United States in 1775, when it was introduced as a new economic concept (or currency). By the end of the century, as a result of the rise in popularity of the horse and carriage, trading systems based on exchange were emerging from Europe. The most popular system at the time was the shilling and the most popular “barter” was money swap. The shilling was a unit of weight and the pound pound is the measure of the weight of a pound. Because a pound weighs 1/8 of a shilling, a shilling equals 1 pound. You can see a detailed description about the system at the link below “History of Barter – A Brief History of Haggling”, by William J. P. Smedley, published in 1866. “The basic unit of weights was the shilling” Smedley said

“It was in many cases very valuable, and the exchange of goods between trade houses, with the purchase of supplies and with the sale of goods, became more and more frequent, on this account, the name has been given to that which stands for the common weight of any commodities.” P. Smedley, History of Barter – A Brief History of Haggling

That was actually the beginning of the term, haggle, which was the slang term for the exchange of goods between parties trading in a commodity. But haggling did not have to be exchange of goods. In some cases it could involve purchasing goods that had already been produced, but this did not necessarily have to be a price increase. Here’s how it used to be:

“The old custom of haggling was not always so bad for the manufacturer as it appears… The old and vulgar custom of haggling, is that the farmer takes the same goods before they are sent for, and sells them at the usual price… It is much said by the dealers who are fond of buying what

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