Do banks sell coin wrappers? – Easy Card Magic Tricks For Kids To Do

Yes. They are a popular product from many banks and it can work as a means to increase transparency. The amount of coins that can be sold on a bank’s behalf varies but it can be around 100k-500k.

Who is selling it?

There are two popular websites that market currency coins: and is a very reputable, well established bitcoin trading platform. It is a bit more complicated to buy coins. Its owner has a very big network presence and as such will be able to contact your bank directly. claims a minimum 30k USD deposit and a 5-10k USD daily trading volume.

Can these coins be used as currencies?

Coinwrappers is a wrapper for bitcoins, which is used by many banks. These coins are not used to be exchanged as their value as a currency is determined entirely by their value as a currency in general. They are very popular as a means to increase transparency and get your money out in the open. But they are not currency for the purposes of money creation.

Will they work as a currency for people?

Coinwrappers is a currency for your bank and you can use as much or as little crypto currency that you choose as you need to. However, if there is a price on a specific cryptocurrency, then the market is probably going to bid against that particular coin and if you chose to sell your coin for the high price, then this is a case where there is a risk that the market could get very bullish. If you are in any of these situations, then you should probably only sell your coins for the market value, and never sell them at a premium.
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Will they work for the purposes of mining?

Coinwrappers is not a cryptocurrency miner. It is also not a mining device. When you buy coins, you will only use them to purchase coins at the current rate – the market price. The actual work done will come at the market price of that coin. It does not contain any mining hardware or computer that is used for the purpose of mining.

Can I have a Bitcoin wallet on my android phone?

Some android users may want to try out Coinwrappers on android – it is similar in nature to how it works on iOS. As long as you are using an android device, you can also pay with Coin

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