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If we were to take the average age of a Magic player (and this is the only estimate of its number), it’d be about 16-18. However, that doesn’t mean that Magic is not still a popular game in the market place. It’s very popular in the market. The game sold over one billion cards in one weekend at the 2011 Pro Tour. That’s enough to make most any gamer want to get into it. And in the past month, the game has been selling over 1 billion cards. That’s way less than a billion cards a week, but enough to keep it interesting.

The game is still a lot played, especially the online one. The fact that it’s still so popular is proof that there is still a healthy gaming community out there.


The average age of a player is 20. It’s a little under that in Europe. The United States is slightly different, however. The average age here is 21. But the older you play, the older you get.

What we think about age does not correlate to the amount of Magic games played. There’s a reason why Wizards of the Coast has to put so many things in the rules to encourage older players. It’s not because it’s a good business decision. It’s because it’s just an easy thing to do.

When you think about Magic’s popularity, we think about how many people play it every day. However, with the amount of people who play it for a living, they’re not playing it for just a few hours at a time.

Age was one of the big reasons why Wizards of the Coast launched a league. The Magic Pro Tour is an annual competition for players to build their best decks. It’s not really about Magic itself, but the tournament.

So with the game’s popularity and age, did any of it have to influence our decision to publish a brand new expansion?

Rough Stats Of Magic’s Players

The number of people who play the game is still in the single digits, it’s not even in the millions. It’s not like it’s the hottest toy in the world. Some people play more than a hundred games per month. It’s no wonder that there are so few of Magic’s own, who would be willing to go to the effort of playing it.

However, the game is in a good mood and there’s an interest. This is a good thing in my opinion, because if people are interested

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