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The money to buy an expensive digital camera that can record video by spinning is very expensive. After all, the more you buy the more you end up paying for digital camera software. Some companies also charge for every minute of your video. They charge a lot of money, and they want an extra profit. You can find out more about all this fees in my article about buying a camcorder.

For example, when I bought my second HD recorder from ProCamera.de I ended up spending about 50 Euros, mainly the price of their software fee. When I bought my first video recorder from Yama, one of my first questions was why do I need a second recorder?

I asked them why are my videos taken with a 1.4Ghz camera that can record video using 5 frames? They told me that the cost of the video transmitter is less than one euro (a lot of money) and that the software is about 10 euros.

Is this fair?

The answer is yes!

The price of a camera and their software can be really much! But these software fees can be explained by what you think about software. You can watch the video in the following video.

Do you think that you do not need a camera? Is it so simple to replace the video camera with another one? The answer, I think, is no! If you have very important photos that you want to share, then your new hardware will be able to take great photos that will stand the test of time.

Don’t be afraid about buying a new camera. A new equipment that allows you to see more of the world is worth the price, even when it costs more!

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