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As of April 2017, there are over 8,000 job opportunities with a video editor listed on CareerBureau.

What are some of the video editing responsibilities?

In video editing, you edit video. A major role at video editing and production companies is to create video content, which includes audio and video together. Video editing is something that can be completed quickly, and the editing is usually done in a day or so. The following are general video editing tasks to be done by a videographer or video editor:

Format your video

The best video producers choose their cameras, video editors choose their editing software. For example, Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut X work for video editors, while Adobe After Effects and Final Cut X are used for video makers.

Make sure the camera is set up and working properly

Video editing software is available to get you started. But, you also need to make sure everything is working. Make sure your camera is turned on so that when you adjust the angle your video clips are properly exposed.

Set up your camera before you get started with editing and set the focus to where it needs to be to achieve the image the video needs to have.

Adjust your video

Most video editing software comes with an editing function. Some like Adobe Acrobat 7, Final Cut Pro X or After Effects do not. You need to choose an editing software that will fit your style and editing workflow by knowing and understanding the following steps of video editing:

Adjust your edit before beginning to edit video

Adjust the video until the image looks good on your screen

Move objects in your image

Move objects in your image Save your changes for later editing

Save your changes for later editing Change camera settings

Adjust the camera settings to your taste, the camera is not the only thing you need to adjust. You need to know how to adjust your camera before starting to shoot video content. The following are some steps you can take if you know how to do it properly:

Adjust your camera settings

Set the camera to your liking. You should know your camera’s size, and take care of it before using it.

Use a video editing program such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut X.

Add or adjust effects after each edit.

Adjusting camera settings can be expensive. They often take up real time that you need to devote to editing.

Making video with video editing software

When you

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