Are DSLR cameras good for video? – Shooting Steady Video

The answer seems to be, very much so: not only are DSLR cameras great for their ability to capture action and drama in the same image, especially video, but they can also create a level of visual quality that the average, low-end point-and-shoot camera simply cannot. Sure, the camera will let you capture the action, especially at medium frame rates, but the lack of dynamic range and the limited resolution of your computer or smartphone is quite obvious.

What’s more, DSLR camera quality is not limited just to the point and shoot variety either. If you want to capture as good a video as one can get from a camera with a wider dynamic range, but without the compromises of a digital camera (like higher-than-real cost), then consider the following:

1) Canon Digital Cinema Cameras

Canon Digital Cinema Cameras are the best bargain when it comes to capturing fast moving action without compromising on detail (which is a very important factor). Canon Digital Cinema Cameras can capture full-sized 1080p footage with extremely limited resolution, but can then bring it to a greater level through color correction and other effects like noise reduction (a lot less of which can be seen in a DSLR).

2) Panasonic Lenses

Panasonic Lenses were born in an era when the image processing for cinematography was quite different from what you see in today’s productions. Back then, camera operators used traditional, manual film rollers to take their images. Since then, there have been digital cameras, but they are a lot more accurate and do better at producing high-resolution imagery. Still, manual film rollers are still used, so even if Panasonic Lenses are great at film, you’ll still feel like you’re watching a live movie when using a camera without the proper lenses.

If you’re in the market for a new camera to shoot action, look toward the Canon DSLR lineup to get you started, as an increasing number of filmmakers and cinematographers are gravitating towards cameras designed for action and capture dramatic performances.

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