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What are the legal ramifications of getting caught in a lie detector test? And if so, how much can they get jailed for?

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Can you get sued for making a “false statement” in a videotaped police encounter?

“If law enforcement officers decide that they can justify the use of unreasonable force if they see you making a false statement against a person, that’s a valid reason. It’s one of those things where, as an officer, I’d feel strongly that if you’re going to use force, you’re going to make sure your statements are as accurate as possible on the spot to try to save your officer from any legal issues. To me, I think there’s a legal basis for any police officer to stop and question you, and if you do in fact know that you’re not telling the truth and they are concerned about the validity of your statements, that’s really a different picture.”

Legal expert Richard A. Linn, a former federal prosecutor who has served as associate legal counsel to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office and now serves as president at Loyola Law School, weighs in on this point.

How much does it cost to file this video of your police encounter?

“There’s a lot of discussion about whether you should buy a police body camera because it costs so much. And I think that it would be irresponsible to use $1500 for a body camera when you’re on the corner doing your jobs. So you may be able to file a civil suit and it still costs a lot of money.”

What can you get jailed for in a lie detector test?

“A lot of times, the lie detector is about looking for truth and in a criminal context, the lie detector is often about looking for evidence to incriminate a suspect. So a lot of people might think that people in jail can make false statements on the lie detector test.”

Can you get arrested for having a video recording of the police action?

“[In Los Angeles] they can seize your car. It’s not allowed to be on the dashboard – it has to be in a container.”

As a video recording, can you get fined or charged with a crime?

Video Production in Education and Training by Elliot ...
“What’s a crime? No one knows.”

Is there anything illegal about making a video of an encounter without a police escort?

“[In Los

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