How long does it take to edit a 5 minute video? – Video Production Training

3 minutes? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? 15 minutes? 30 minutes?

In my case, it took approximately 25 minutes to edit a 5 minute video.

Let me give you a quick overview of the process. Firstly, I uploaded the video to YouTube, followed by a few days of uploading a “draft” edit. This was a draft that showed the edit to other people. When that draft was posted to YouTube the edit itself was posted back to YouTube to the draft uploader. This would take roughly 5-10 days of upload time plus the time the edit was in post and editing.

Once the edit was uploaded to YouTube and the edit was posted to YouTube, I uploaded the final edit to YouTube. This would take roughly 15-25 days post editing to the upload to YouTube as well as the post and editing time for anyone that viewed the edit.

I would assume that this process is fairly inefficient given the time value of money involved for uploading to YouTube and it’s time-sensitive nature.

It seems to me there needs to be an easier way to upload to any other platform within a very short span of time, either a simple upload to all the major social networks or maybe to Instagram and Twitter for that matter?

Is this not a more efficient process?

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you if you’re interested in this. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.


This story originally appeared on VICE Canada.

An entire city block in Toronto was plowed to the ground on Aug. 16 by a mob of angry residents furious at the city’s plan to demolish a former streetcar garage they believe is contaminated.

Toronto resident Dan O’Brien said that despite the violent response, they “are still making progress.” In an interview with VICE, he described a crowd that swelled before being led into an abandoned garage that he called “the last remaining home of the streetcar fleet.” He says that the mob also caused damage to the city’s garbage pickup site, but he wouldn’t say how. He believes this protest is the first of many that will continue to protest the plan to tear down dozens of vacant and dilapidated streetcar buildings. The city plans to close this last spot by this year, but he says the current protests are “more organised.”

O’Brien grew up in Canada—his parents emigrated to the country from England—and says he “can’t even imagine what it’s like to

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