What is the longest YouTube video ever made? – Learn Video Shoot

That’s a no-brainer answer. In fact, it’s been a question that’s probably been asked more than once. While you’re sitting at the kitchen table or on the train or in bed, a lot of your favorite videos are sitting there on the internet.

According to a recent study, however, most of those videos aren’t the longest ones on the internet, and in fact, they all come from a single country. The study, conducted by YouTube’s video team and published in 2016, reveals the world’s most viewed videos as well as the longest videos. Here are the top eight videos.

1. You’re The Coolest Person In The World:

The popularity of this video is a testament to its simple premise. In fact, it was featured in the 2015 Vlogbrothers video series. The whole concept of You’re the Coolest Person in the World was born from one of the most popular vloggers in the world, Tyler Oakley, who first started it while he posted his videos on the popular Reddit channel, r/videos. Oakley then created another channel called “YouTube Life” where his most popular videos were posted at that channel.

While Tyler didn’t finish the original channel, his best video was still uploaded at r/videos. It was called You’re the coolest person ever and gained more than 5 million views before Oakley left r/videos.

2. The Power of Goodies:

The Power of Goodies is one of the best-known Vlogbrothers videos. The video is basically an endless stream of fun and positive things done just for the sake of making the person watching even more smile. It features Tyler getting all up in the ass of the person watching, and having good-natured fun.

The video’s popularity and popularity alone has earned it the title of most viewed Vlogbrothers video of all time.

3. The Most Popular Videos in America:

You see, while the popularity of You’re The Coolest Person in the World still stands strong, people want to see more of the content of the Vlogbrothers channel. Well, that’s what they wanted to see at least.

So, in an effort to keep his content interesting, Tyler decided to bring attention to the videos he was featured in in the past and create his own channel. Since then, his latest video has nearly tripled in popularity.

This is what the video looks like:


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