Are phone cameras better than DSLR? – Learn To Shoot Video

They can be. Phone cameras, like DSLR cameras, are great for filming stills. The difference is they do not have a high ISO setting. If your main camera is a $1500 Nikon D5, your DSLR (or equivalent) is going to do just fine. And even if your DSLR is not up to your standard, you can always buy a low-ISO digital camera like a Hasselblad Pocket or Digital Rebel, and keep it as your main camera if you just want to record video.

Can I use phone cameras in high-altitude weather and mount them on my camera?

This is a great question, because you should consider it carefully. In order to mount a phone camera on your camera mount, you will need a special type of plastic. There are special mounting brackets, but more importantly you must also add a mount. This is generally made of metal, but you can substitute other plastic that also has a metal mount. This is what we do for our phone camera mounts, and these can be found for as little as $5.50 from a local hardware store or online. This mounting bracket is the same for iPhones as it is for cameras like the Sony a7s. You also will need a lens hood, so it won’t be too long to carry across the top of your camera as well. This also covers your lens if you want to remove it for use in more exotic weather.

Is cell phone recording too slow?

When you consider the speed of video recording, a video file can be up to 3 minutes in length with a 1080 image. With the speed of DSLRs or iPhones, a movie can be up to 3 hours in length. This is a huge advantage.

What is the best camera for low light photography?

First off, you should always try to avoid night work, and especially during the days, when moonlight is extremely visible. Night photography allows you to see much more clearly and is more efficient, but when it comes down to it you may be better off with a bigger, more effective camera. The most common camera I recommend is a Nikon D3s, and this allows you to work at night and has extremely high ISO sensitivity. When photographing outdoors, you can get up to 50-60 ISO (if you really need to), which is perfect for shooting portraits.

What are the best lenses to use with the best camera?

If your camera contains a macro lens, you

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