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Music videos aren’t difficult to make — or make with the right equipment. The most important step is choosing the right soundtrack.

I was shooting a music video for a hip-hop duo called D-TRAK. My wife helped me put together a soundtrack and was incredibly helpful in helping me select what was appropriate. At the end of the day, we would be shooting the whole video with no one person at the helm.
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To get everything just right and to create a powerful video, the best music video soundtrack is a mix of different genres from around the world.

There are some good ones out there, but as everyone knows, it is impossible to choose everything. It is essential to get a mix of different styles so you can tell if something fits your style. The best music video soundtracks in the world are found in countries like the United States, France, and Australia.

Here are some things you should consider when choosing a soundtrack for your music video:

1. Use an Orchestral Theme

An orchestral sound system is your best friend when creating a music video. It creates a mood, it creates a vibe, and most importantly, it creates a certain feel that is unique to every genre of music it is used for. If possible, try to use an orchestral theme throughout your mix as well as during the recording of your tracks.

If you are creating a music video for a big brand (i.e., a music video for the Kardashians of all things), then try to use the same brand tune instead of some of the less popular ones. You don’t need to have the same song as every other track. A few popular songs will bring out different moods, different music that you can use for different segments of the video, and it will create a more cohesive mix of music and sound for the whole project. (If you can’t afford a good track that has the same lyrics for every song, a generic track might do.)

It all comes down to preference, but I would take any and all of those classic songs as a standard-bearer in that regard. It really just depends on what you want your video to feel like.

2. Use a Digital Light Setup

Even if you don’t have a sound system of your own, you can still use a light on set to create a strong mood. You can either turn on a light on a light on a light at the front of your

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