How much should I charge for a video? – Learn Professional Video Shooting

The pricing for a video is all subject to revision to comply with your needs, and in many cases will be dependent on the size of your video, length, and location. To be clear, you do not have to charge for a video that is 20 minutes long (e.g., for a 60 second video on a single camera). If your video is not suitable for all types of events, it is your responsibility to make the right arrangements for distribution and exhibition.

Do I have to pay for the equipment?

Not at all. Your only cost of operation is your time and talent.

Am I responsible for recording my video on my camera?

You are fully responsible for having your camera mounted on your phone’s camera function key to record your video. You also need to ensure that any audio file that you generate is properly recorded, and that is transmitted in the correct format to your chosen media stream, such as MP3, OGG, FLV, or whatever other format.

Can I record myself?

Yes, however, you should not be recording yourself unless you have the necessary access to video hardware with which to record yourself. If you can provide that equipment, that would be preferable. However, I have no experience recording myself, so if any questions arise, please reply to this email (and remember to check the links on the bottom for any information related to the equipment that may interest you).

How do I record/stream my video?

You should first determine the best way to accomplish the recording, streaming, editing/quality control, etc. required to make your video ready for distribution.

Are the audio files automatically compressed or uncompressed?

They are, unless you have selected a different media format. The audio format you select affects the quality and format of your video.

How much file storage space do I need to share?

It is likely to be quite small. The video format determines how many files you upload and how much storage space you need.

Do I have to use my own phone or tablet for recording?

This is your choice, but when deciding to use your own equipment for recording and sharing, one common argument is that you may be able to capture the video using your cell phone. That being said, cell phone technology is moving rapidly, and the cost of recording on such technology has dropped considerably over the last few years. You may not have the ability or capability to do so.

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