How do I record music while playing music on my iPhone? – Cinematography Shots

When you’re playing music on your iPhone, the first thing your iPhone does when you press the “Record” button is turn on its built-in hardware audio recording app. To get a good picture of what’s going on, go to the Music app on your iPhone and tap “New Recording.” The New Recording screen will display how you’re going to record the music. You can change the kind of audio (or music!) you’re recording (e.g. sample rate, bit rate, etc.) and in order to record music that’s suitable to listen when you’re doing music things like: You can record your own song (from iTunes or a song that’s already been in your library) You can record music from an active song You can play the music while you’re writing (or listening to music) You can send a recording to other people You can take a photo while you’re doing something else

What’s new in 4.2:

You can now share your audio files through the Photos app on your iPhone. If you want to share these files, go into the Photos app and then “Share” in the lower right corner. You’ll see “Share to iPhone.”

Apple has added a brand new way to access your music library in Music: “Playlists”. The new playlist view is a new way to navigate through albums, playlists, and playlists on your iPhone. Selecting the top left corner on your iPhone will pull down a screen that lists an album, playlists, and playlists of songs on your iPhone.

You can now find albums by scrolling with the arrow button to the right of your album artwork.

Other changes in the Music team is: Added a “More” button to the music player in the Settings app.

You can now see music in a specific library by right-clicking on it in the Music app.

When adding music to a playlist on your iPhone, the artist name you’ve selected appears beside the song title in the playlists on your iPhone. The “Add” button will also appear here.

Updated Music library layout to fix issue with “New” list.

Fixed a crash when removing songs on your iPhone. You’ll now immediately be back at the initial start screen, if any.

You can now change the default audio app that plays your songs. This option is “Open in” the default iTunes Music app.

Other fixes and improvements

Bug fixes and stability improvements

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