How do you record a video? – Videography Courses In India

My friend Andrew Tichor was kind enough to send me some videos (and they are pretty cool) for this interview, so I’m including the ones I found the most helpful.

He writes:

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First thing’s first – recording audio yourself is definitely a pain (you have to be careful of recording yourself, since you can’t see your microphone when you’re wearing headphones) – so don’t worry about it unless, somehow, you do have the gear lying around around your house.

Second thing’s first, you need a suitable place to record the thing you’re filming (in my case, it’s a small room on the ground floor of a house). That’s really easy, use a piece of a curtain when you want to record something inside the house, for example or use a large stereo receiver in the living room.

If you’re serious about recording what you’re filming (like for a documentary, for example) you don’t want to record from outside (like on a balcony, which the people there will be annoyed by, and thus try to get you to move, or in the garden because then you can’t hear the sounds inside the house).

After that, it’s just the fun stuff.

If you have an external amplifier to record sound from a microphone, then you probably have the choice between some kind of preamp (I personally used an external unit like a Revenger or some kind of Neumann). If it’s a simple, cheap microphone, it will be good enough. If you have a lot of money, I suggest a good solid budget setup. At the beginning, you’ll still only be able to record at very high sound levels. But as you get used to the settings (and because you’re trying to find sound effects – which are more difficult to record under those conditions) you’ll start to be able to record at lower levels and get the best results.

If you want a little more flexibility, you can always rent a piece of your apartment (which is a lot of money) and install a decent setup there. This also has a pretty good chance of sounding like you’re there with you own equipment and therefore have more freedom to record.

The biggest issue I had to deal with when preparing for this interview was recording sound in the living room when a friend visited. We’re used to hearing a lot of it, from the loud music and conversation in the living room and downstairs, to the loud conversation in the kitchen

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