How many megapixels is 4k? – Event Videography Tips

There are only a handful of megapixels on the market, with the highest end camera being that of a 4K display, but there are a few different ways to interpret what “4k” means.

For a low-resolution screen, 4k is a resolution of at least 25 megapixels, a ratio which is roughly equivalent to the resolution of the average image on a 4k TV.

If your camera has a fixed resolution, then the actual number of megapixels is likely going to be a little lower, so the actual 4k resolution is the one with the highest number.

A recent resolution benchmark posted by Digital Trends showed that the average 4k TV image measures 2460 x 540. The average 4k movie file has a bitrate of at least 15 Mbps, on average.

The number of megapixels per inch is also measured, however that metric is used to compare resolution and performance with LCD and OLED screens, so a 4k display on an LCD or OLED TV, or a 4k screen on a high definition television screen, are significantly different.

Finally, 4k is often used interchangeably with “upscaled” or “ultra HD”. The difference is that 4k is still upscaled from its original resolution; the definition of “ultra HD” refers to a “very high resolution”, or “4k”.

The term “4k” is usually used in conjunction with 4k HDTV panels, or an upscaled 4k TV, or 4k computer monitors, which have the extra bit of resolution needed for sharper images, or simply because most people don’t realize that 4k isn’t all that bad.

For the highest resolution “Ultra HD” set, the screen can contain four times the pixel count of any single 1080p display (not including HDR), which is a massive improvement over 1080p.

Does 4k resolution compare favorably to 1080p?

As far as resolutions go, they do compete. 4k is a higher resolution, with a higher frame rate (as well as much wider viewing angles).

However, with a 4k Ultra HD TV, the resolution is so clear you can almost hear the details. It makes it a very good option for movies and videos.

It might not be the best option to watch a video at 4k, but it’s certainly one of the best options to watch more than one video at this resolution.


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