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The longest video on the internet (or at least one that you should probably see) is the music video to Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”. “Beauty and the Beast” is about a villainous prince (Aladdin) who falls for a beautiful, but slightly evil princess (Cinderella) and ends up having to save her from the villainous Gaston.
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The first video to break a 100-second mark on YouTube was “I’m Yours”, a 10-second music video by American country music band “Me and my Girls”. It’s also the best known in the world.

How does the longest music video with a voice over compare?

As of 2013, the longest song with a voice over still holds the crown for the longest recorded music video to a voice-over. It’s probably the “Star Wars” music video. If you want to know how many times Luke Skywalker’s “Han Solo” has done a voice over, that’s not a question you should be asking.

How many minutes is a music video?

The “Beauty and the Beast” music video is actually three separate music videos that were originally released together. They’re each about 15 minutes long, but they weren’t released in the same time frame as each other. Instead, all three of them were released one after the other, one week apart. According to Disney’s “Music Licensing Department”—what was this place where the music video was originally uploaded?—the longer “Beauty and the Beast” was released, the greater its appeal to Disney customers. The longer the video was aired, the more viewers found it entertaining or even enjoyed it.

The first two songs were first aired on March 15 of 2017, but “Beauty and the Beast” actually aired for seven total weeks during 2017. The third song, “Let it Go,” was originally released as a single on April 5, and aired for five additional weeks during the 2016 holiday season. Because of this fact, the “Beauty and the Beast” music video is actually one song in seven total weeks between the three songs.

How many characters does a Disney film have?

Each film Disney releases has a specific total number of characters. This is not a good measure of how many characters there are in the film. A lot of Disney movies have more than one character. Disney has hundreds—if not thousands—of characters that are created to appear in every single movie.


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