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What camera is best for video editing?

If there was one thing that would make it a lot easier, it would be the ability to use interchangeable lenses. That would be ideal to do video editing too – even if only for a set of scenes/subjects. It would also give you the ability to control what kind of settings are used – but this would take practice to make it work. Of course, if you have a really good experience with video editing, you’ll likely choose a good camera…but it’s not the only thing.

How does the NX2 handle 1080p?

It’s a good idea to do 1080p videos in 2K, as there’s no way the NX2 can handle those with a 1:1 framebuffer!

Is 1080p recording in HD compatible?

It’s great to have a 2K video camera – but you should be aware that 3K, 4K and HD video recording are all completely different formats, and cannot just be copied and pasted from video files on a computer. If this is your main video recording platform, then this is a very useful feature.

What do I need for best-to-worst resolution?

As noted above, 1080p is great for standard definition, so you should have no problems getting your footage into the highest possible resolution. 1080p output is ideal for capturing high-resolution stills, although you can capture 720p at 1080p quality with a capture card which can also record 1080p, for instance.

Is a 1:1 framebuffer good for video?

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Actually, yes! The NEX2 comes with a 1:1 framebuffer that can output a maximum of 240 frames per second (FPS. The framebuffer itself is capable of outputting up to 240fps to a HDTV or projector, but not to a video camera – this is mainly an issue with external sensors). If you can find a way to output a framebuffer of at least 240fps, then you could probably use this video camera as a video camera. If you cannot find a way to output 240fps, then you are not quite ready for this camera yet! However, many people can record high-speed video using a VCR and a camera with a fixed lens – this is called DSLR video. Another option is to just record some footage in real-time using an external recorder, which is what many video players can do!

Can I record at 720p video

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