Can you become a video editor without a degree? – Video Shooting Techniques Pdf

Well, yes… if you work for a professional video editor, that is. However, most video editors need a master’s degree or more to learn about digital video editing. I was able to gain a degree in film making, but I only ended up doing a few jobs while working on other projects or freelance, so not a lot.

What software/software is your favorite?

My favorite software in general is Ableton Live. The other software I’ve used is After Effects. I also use Lightroom and Adobe Premiere pro on a daily basis.

Can you have a relationship with the software industry? Do you want to continue doing video and software projects or go in a similar direction?

Sure. That’s why I got into the video editing world in the first place. I just love making video and I love creating amazing effects.

So do you have a specific dream/goals for yourself that you’d like to go on record about?

My personal dream is to have a small business that’s still growing. And that makes being a video editor a great career move, I think.

How do you feel about your age today?

Oh man, it’s weird. When I was 15, I was in my teens and everything was super hard to do. I don’t have to get a degree to be able to do things I love, but I feel I haven’t gotten the respect I earned as I got older. There’s a reason that I don’t have a degree now, and it’s because the industry has gotten too dangerous. I think some of what I learned has helped give me a shot at not only a dream of working in movies again… but a goal of becoming a full-time video editor.

Are there times you wish you could work for more time than you actually did?

When I started out I didn’t realize how much time would be required… and now you have to put in a lot more hours than I did to make money to get to where I am today!

What’s the one thing you’re most proud of?

I guess that’s probably just wanting to be an actor. I can play a few things on video, but that’s not the thing that makes me the happiest. What makes me the happiest is how creative I’ve become after years of practicing how to be a filmmaker in my mind and then doing it live onstage.

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