Which camera can shoot 4k 60fps? – Video Shooting Techniques Pdf

The Sony A7RII has the ability to shoot 4K60 at 60fps. So if you shoot 4K video in 4K60 or 4K30 (i.e., in full screen or portrait mode) you just switch out your Sony lens and your video will show at 60fps. You could consider this a huge improvement over the standard A7 range of cameras that still only feature 4K60 with 24fps of output (i.e., no full frame).

Can I shoot 4K in 5K on Sony’s new E-mount?

Yes. 4K60 and 4K30 are natively supported on the Sony E-mount system. The first two cameras to support both of them, the Sony A7R Mark III and Sony A7 II, and the Sony 60-300mm OSS are all E-mount cameras. So yes, you can shoot 4K in 5K from Sony’s new cameras.

Can I shoot 4K video from Sony’s new A-mount range of cameras?

Yes. The APS-C (23.5-megapixel) format is natively supported on the Sony E-mount cameras to allow shooting in 4K. This also enables you to shoot in 24fps in 4K. The E-mount system allows you to shoot 4K60 with no motion blur at all.

Can I use these Sony cameras with other Sony mirrorless cameras?

Yes. The Sony a7RII is a mirrorless camera that can use the Sony a7-series a7Rs and Sony a9-series a9-II lenses. The Sony a7-series cameras can also use the Sony a6-series cameras, as well as the Sony 10-18mm f/3.5-4.5 Sony E-mount lenses.

Can I use the Sony Alpha A7 R Mark III and A7 Mark II together with the Sony a7-series a7R II?

Yes. You can shoot the Sony Alpha A7 R Mark III and A7 Mark II together or separately with the Sony a7-series a7R II.
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Can I use an Sony Alpha A9-II with the Sony Alpha A7R Mark II?

Yes. With the Sony a9-II you can shoot raw and still images from a Sony a9-II using the original Sony Sony a9-II lenses, the Sony 17mm f/2.8

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