How do I make a video background? – Cinematography Shots

As you can see, I went with the simple method. Using the Google Chrome browser, navigate to the YouTube player, which will load the video.

Once the video is opened, click on the Add Source button (right) which will bring up an in-app video player.

Once selected, select the .mp4 file that you want to put on YouTube.

I personally made a video of the video I downloaded from using Chrome.

Using the video add-on, the browser will immediately start playing the video on my phone!


Google Chrome can open YouTube, Google+, and several other YouTube videos from your computer. To find video add-ons, please visit


What is the “Yoshi Cycle”?

The “Yoshi Cycle” (or “Yoshi Cycle”) is an exploitable meme that originated from a Nintendo video game, titled Metroid Prime. In the video, a character named Yoshis cycle across a planet, carrying the planet’s population through a gravity well to a top-secret landing zone.


The Yoshi Cycle originates from an episode of Metroid Prime, wherein the player finds themselves in a barren planet (called “Yoshi’s Island” in the game) that seems to be completely barren. Once the player reaches a top-secret landing zone, the game immediately cuts to an alien planet, inhabited mostly by giant, alien creatures, and the player’s quest begins..


On July 5th, 2009, a video game developer posted an animated GIF of the Yoshi sequence (shown below, left). Within four years, the post received almost 19,000 views, 1,200 comments, and 80 “upset” responses. As of July 2013, the animation is available on the video game developer Nico Nico Douga and is also featured on Yahoo! Answers and IGN.

On March 19th, 2010, a video showcasing a Japanese anime sequence of the alien creatures in action to the tune of “Space Channel 5” (shown below, right) was published on the official “Nintendo Yoshi” blog. That year, the blog gained more than 5,000 views and 80 comments.

On April 31st, 2013, a “Star Wars”-themed Yoshi thread appeared on the /r/starwars subreddit, and more than two years later, “Y

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