What does spray paint not stick to? – Las Vegas Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Videos

Water, oil. Paint will stick to anything it cannot see!

Inspecting a paint can, is there something you need to be careful about?
Crochet Stitches: The Moss Stitch

You can see from the description of the test-to-test in the above section that I have tested the paint to test it would stick well to all the surfaces. In fact, even after spray painting an entire kitchen sink down, it still came back with a smooth, glossy coating. The coating also had the potential to be easily removed by the sink-washer, making it ideal for a bathroom or kitchen remodel (which I’m about to complete).

So I decided to take some more test-in-the-pot-and-see-it-stick to find the other areas that would need to be sprayed down, and to find a coating that would not stick to them: kitchen towels (that’s what I was going for).

One last thought on how this paint turned out. We got the best results with three coats. The first coat (with minimal paint work), had the largest surface area, showing the highest coverage throughout the entire can, and the second coat had the lowest coverage, showing the lowest amount of paint on the can, covering much of the exposed surface.

So do you have any recommendations for the best coat for a spray paint can?


What do I receive if a dog bites me? By Julie, BPA Member

I have an animal dog named Bear who is a pit bull with BSL (breed specific legislation in the UK). This is a very dangerous dog type and when I tell people I have he and Bear living with me they look at me very confused that an animal like this would live with them. I have tried a few different ways to deal with this problem but they get my animal so very upset and have to be called.

We have one very active dog in the family and he is in the process of being trained in a dog park but is just a bit too wild for the dogs who may live in the house. Bear is a gentle dog so I have had to put a lot of time in to trying to get him to stay inside. But, at the same time I get very upset by this so have been trying to work out how I can deal with this situation.

What has been your experience at this point with the police? It is getting to the stage where I would be afraid of being arrested. I know that because of BSL

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