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YES. There is a spray dye for fabrics. You can purchase it from fabric stores like Nordstrom, Michaels, or Old Navy. However, please note that using a spray dye is highly recommended (see previous FAQ). It can be a pain if you just throw some dryer sheets right in to make a fabric. Just don’t let it get too dark.

What is the difference between a dye and a dye and what’s the difference between a dye-substitute and a dye-substitute?

A dye-substitute is one product you can substitute for a dyed fabric that doesn’t have as close of a match as a dyed fabric. A dyed fabric will look different to an untreated fabric that has a dye-substitute.

To identify a dye-substitute for a fabric, we use “A.M.P.” (Absorbable Multipurpose Polyethylene). It is composed of a polymer with a “substitute” polymer bonded in the glue, which doesn’t do much to resist fading. It’s similar to the polymer in the adhesive used to hold your hand through a washing machine. This gives the fabric a nice, thick and tough feel. Most of us wouldn’t think twice about using a dye-substitute fabric. But just remember, a dye-substitute is only as good as the dye-you’re using.
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A dye substitute will not fade with time, but will fade slower than a dyed fabric. However, it won’t lose its “dye” quality. It will be a very thick, very slippery fabric that is “wet” and soft to the touch. If the dye is going to be used on your clothing or household items, it’s probably best to use a fabric softener that can be found in your local health food store.

To get an idea of what type of fabric you should be making with a dye-substitute, you can visit this great video from

How do I care for a dyes-substitute fabric?

After drying in the dryer, the fabric should be treated with a mild anti-static spray before it’s put in your laundry basket.

If you have a fabric swab to take care of the dye from your clothes, you can apply the spray dye to the fabric as well. Then simply put the fabric into the dishwasher. There is no need to dry the

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