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There is an acrylic spray paint in the US, Australia and New Zealand which is often referred to as Krylon for obvious reasons. Its name might be a bit strange since Krylon (yes it is spelled with an ‘e’) is made by a company called GSI (Geek Standard Industrial Products) rather than a Krylon company. They are often called Krylon paint because it is a “low-toxicity paint”. The same idea applies to all other Krylon products. We don’t recommend buying any Krylon paints if you have to use them as a home improvement work-around.

Our most popular Krylon acrylic paints are called ‘White Gold’ (white) and ‘Cadmium Copper’.

Why are Krylon products toxic? There are a number of toxic properties of many Krylon products, and their main toxic properties are:

Toxicity, according to the Environmental Protection Agency:

“Cyanide is known to be toxic at very high concentrations. Cyanide produces serious eye, skin and breathing problems when eaten, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin or inhaled into the eyes, respiratory tract, or gastrointestinal tract. Cyanide in urine, saliva, hair, and breast milk may cause birth defects.”

Toxicity, according to EPA:

“Biological agents which cannot be ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin can cause a variety of health problems when inhaled or taken through the skin. These include respiratory tract irritation, heart and kidney problems, allergic reactions (“allergic rhinitis”) and eye irritation (fear reaction). The following are some examples.

Reduced respiratory function: Cyanide-containing paint may decrease the ability of oxygen to enter the lungs. Oxygen can increase blood flow and cause a decrease in ventilation which can lead to reduced pulmonary function.

Eye and skin irritation : When inhaled, cyanide causes eyes to blister. Skin and eye irritation may result from contact dermatitis (sores) caused by chemicals in the paint, the dust and dust mites, or the fumes and gases from the paint.

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Increased respiratory rate : Oxygen increases the rate of respiration which causes respiration muscle strain, which can lead to a rapid drop in breathing ability during exertion. This may result in chest discomfort, coughing, difficulty breathing or bronchial collapse.

Cancer risk : It is possible for the cyanide and cyanide compounds to get into the breast milk of infants. Symptoms of

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