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First you need to find a medium that goes with just the color it should be. You can use liquid paints, wet/dry spray paint, fine lines, spray bottles (not the glass ones), but they can be hard if you don’t know how (and sometimes even if you do). You can also find some colors that can be mixed together and painted together, but beware: these are hard to buy in bottles and the mixing will not go smoothly. You can buy them online here.

Some things to remember:

If you want to create the kind of lines you want then first of all you need some light!

If you want to create a very precise pattern (like a star) then don’t use too much light, but use enough for a good effect. (the light should not be too strong to cause the light painting in the first place, but the effect would still be very beautiful).

If you want to use a lot of light but no color then be very careful, as most colors you find at art stores will have very light and very light colored spray paint/brushes. Try to find the ones that have very dark colors.

It will take a lot of paint/spray to start, just to finish, of course.

Once you are happy with the paint, you can start to experiment. Here are some instructions on how to paint.

After a while you can start to play with the different kinds of brush and paint

You can start experimenting with some different colors and colors to paint a whole room and walls, or even use a special light that is really nice (like a strobe!), or even with a special background (see here for instructions).

It will take you some time (and patience) but it can be really fun! You can also experiment with different painting techniques. A painting with a light that is different from the rest (like a big light beam) or even a painting with a simple background, a large color and a small color.

The possibilities it will open up are vast, so do not hesitate to experiment…

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