How much will one can of spray paint cover? – Galaxy Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Marjolein

I don’t know, I think some are going to try and make this even worse than it is (maybe a 3″ wall, with black walls) but I’m going to let one slide though as is (probably the one with the green walls). This seems very realistic but it’s hard to get people to pay attention because a new paintjob doesn’t look that different from the one they’ve done for the last ten years.

So, what do other people think of the paint job? It’s pretty impressive! But does it really work? Not quite as well as I was hoping it would because it was way more of an effort than I had expected. A lot of it has been about trial and error and getting a good fit between the various panels/sides, so it does look very real. However, I also think it’s a good idea that people who go about this work with an eye towards perfection can put a little bit of their own stamp on it. Especially when using paint-by-number on the parts!

So to get all this done, you can see a lot of things that worked well for me. I also painted the front left panel with what my friend and I call the “wedge” method or “cushion” painting method. This helps get a good contrast and texture to the parts of the vehicle. I used two coats of clear acrylic paint on the front left panel. A second layer was used on the right side panels to help blend it together.

The other thing working well for me is the fact that, with a little luck, you get this kind of texture in pretty much any kind of paint that you want. I don’t have any special techniques that I’m using to get the most of it, but I do prefer this to something that is very stiff or very flat looking. So, I used some paint-on-wood filler to fill in small areas that look like little gaps and just put a few drops of water into the airbrush to bring the paint into the gaps. You can also use a very thin layer to do this.

The same thing happened on the back sides and in the headlight, so that’s what I did to make them look really real. I think most people will only make the front one more color in, so the “wedge” paint method may work better. However, I definitely recommend painting the sides in different colors, so the paint won’t be “just like the rest of the vehicle”

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