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No. There are many reasons we do not have spray paint on a regular basis. A paint sprayer cannot survive a drop of rain in the ocean. It is more expensive to apply a layer of spray paint to a surface than it is to paint on it. Most paper products are made of paper fibers. When the paper fibers are saturated, the water that could normally hold the paint down is squeezed out, creating a hard coating (like a layer of paper). Paper products are easily broken, therefore they do not work very well for the purpose of spray painting. Many paint colors have a tendency to bleed into paper products which is less dangerous than it may sound. We also do not have a facility in which we can easily spray paints. It can be a problem to obtain materials and equipment to spray paint on paper, so many people do not use the paints very often. Some paper products can be treated in many ways to reduce the risk of skin irritant contact. The key word here is “treated.” When we spray paint, no oil or solvent is used. Any coating we apply must be fully bonded and must meet all of the requirements for bonding a paint layer to a surface. The coatings must be strong enough so that no paint residue will adhere to the surface. There is one exception. Some paints do not bond and should therefore not be used on paper surfaces. You will find a list of all the chemicals we use in our spray paint page or contact us if you have any questions…we are happy to help. We believe we have a “high quality” spray paint that is safe for the most part. It is also an “old” brand of spray paint that would be considered of great concern to the new painter. The problem, of course, is finding the right stuff for you, which is where the competition comes into play. Our customers often turn toward home improvement stores when it comes to finding a good product. It is very important to know what you are purchasing! We also encourage “street art” in the form of painted paper. Since we no longer have the ability to spray paint from our own facility, we want our customers to do their job. If they paint something on their walls or windows or their backyards, we can often be a conduit between them and us. In many cases, we are not the “home Improvement Store” for the new artist. They often will paint over the old art and replace it with graffiti that does not fall under our definition of “high quality.” It is important to do the
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