Is pole dancing the same as stripping? – Pole Dance Tutorial Invert

I know what you’re thinking. But pole dancing isn’t like stripping, it’s a sport and a show. So do you really need to be so formal?

Sure thing! If you want a sport-like feel you’ll want to learn the rhythm of pole dancing first. I highly recommend learning the basic steps before moving on to more advanced patterns that will improve your skills further. You should also look at other forms of pole dancing to get a feel for different styles and find a pole dance partner who is both fun and safe. One thing I want all those pole dancers to remember, and everyone should remember, is to always listen to their partner. Being aggressive with your moves can be unsafe. If you feel a pole dancer isn’t respecting you, call for a timeout or say something like “Hey! I’m taking the pole dance.” Be firm, and listen. If you’re being aggressive, I tell my dancers to walk on their hands so their hands don’t move too much and move them to avoid getting injured.

What’s your biggest fear?

I’m afraid when anyone comes over and I’m not feeling well. I’m afraid the pole will be stolen, or that my partner won’t be there to help or be able to make a good second. I fear that my partner will be afraid to come home or to do my work. I do not want to harm myself, but I have had to make changes to my life that I wasn’t willing to make before because I’m afraid the pole will be stolen. I always make sure my pole dance partner is up to date on my meds and on my diet — and then I have a conversation to show him or her I’m still in it. If they do know and can take care of themselves, I know I’ve done a great job with my pole dance career.

What’s the perfect day of your life with your pole dancing career?

For today? It’s probably not that great, because pole dancing is a very competitive industry — and I do love to compete! But I want that dream pole dance career, and I want to take care of my well-being. If I’m doing the pole dance work, I’m going to be a good dancer. The perfect day for pole dancing with my family and friends would be, like, 5 pm at the top of the hill and there’s someone who is in that area of the hill with a pole and it’s not me.

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