Does pole dancing make you fit? – Pole Dance Clothes Etsy Jewelry

Yes I think it do. The good thing about pole dancing is that it requires the body to be in balance for quite a while and it requires a lot of muscles to get used to that kind of balance. It also helps that you can do a lot of different kinds of poses from side to side, up and down, and in between. It’s a lot like any ballet or dance dance because you’re just so physically involved in that and it’s not just all just about the dance or the move, it’s really about being in balance during the whole part of that dance to be in an extension for that whole body. That, to me, is a very physical kind of training you can use when you’re moving from one kind of pose into another one. The dancing doesn’t become a part of the pole dance.

Was pole dancing something that came about by accident or did it come about naturally?

I think you do it naturally and you learn how to do it naturally. It happened by accident. In that case, it was something that the owner of my body did.

So when you think back on your pole dance years, what does it mean to you to actually have actually been a pole dancer?

It’s still such a big part of my life. It’s still such a big part for my future to do other things. In my family, my father still does it, my grandfather does it, and my brother does it now. He’s actually very good now at it. I’ve always wanted to do it myself because I feel like there are no pole dancers that I really like. I want to do it with another person. With my father’s permission I do it with my boyfriend and with my mom but, after about three years, I just said, “Oh God, you know, I don’t even want to be a pole dancer anymore. But that’s what my dad said” or something like that.

Were you a pole dancer in high school?

Yes, I was. It’s really funny because I’ve always wanted to be a pole dancer but my aunt always would say, “You can’t do that because if you do, all the boys in school want to do it with you.”

Well, you know, I was told by my aunt that. “You don’t want to do it with boys.”

She told me that. And then I was like, “Oh well I could always do pole” and then all

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