Is pole dancing dangerous? – Pole Dancing Classes New Orleans French Quarter

I never danced at The Pole, but my husband and I once took a week long pole dance seminar there. And I’d be willing to bet they taught you not to jump with your hands.


The thing about those “dangerous” dances is that most of them don’t involve jumping—they just move you on your knees. But there is still some risk involved because when the swing is on its way, you’re not doing anything. When you turn into the swing, the weight of the dancer and you are pressing out at the same time. And if you’re moving fast (such as when a dancer is trying to break the fourth wall with their own dancing) then you risk injuring your feet.

The most dangerous dance for my husband and I was the swing that takes the most effort—you’re going to keep trying to get up and down the pole, but by the time you’re close enough to the pole, you’re likely starting to fall. So it took a huge effort from both of us to stay on our feet. The safest dance was going into it on a light, flexible day.

The “light, flexible day” doesn’t always happen to us. Most of the time, we are working all the time. And in order to do the things that we love or need to be able to do, it is a lot of work for our bodies to maintain health.

In all but the most extreme cases, people who are serious about their pole dancing will be careful. It would not be a good idea to work out during the course of a pole dance, not even just for a single session. We would also not plan out a routine and work up the confidence needed to do it.


The next thing to learn is what to do when you’re up there and the pole moves too fast for you. If you’re already a pretty good dancer and not sure what to do, just sit down with your partner and do a few things—try to mimic your partner’s movements.

If you go for the pole on a light day, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. As a starting point, don’t worry—everyone has a different personality. That means that you can learn by watching how the people in your party behave and by looking around you as they dance. (As a rule, when you’re looking around, watch your partner, not you! This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t just watch each other so that you keep

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