Why do pole dancers wear heels? – Pole Dancing Classes Detroit Area

Women, because it’s not so scary or uncomfortable because all we’ve got to do is take a look at her. We know what she’s wearing because we’re looking at her. We want to feel comfortable. If she is wearing a short length skirt or some short underwear then the men are going to be a little creeped out just looking at her. The more they’re looking at it, the more he’ll feel uncomfortable. Even if they do like what he’s doing, they’ll say, “Hey, why do people like this?”

But pole dancers are not men, right?

No. A person in pole dancing is a character, right? A person in pole dancing is not a man. We’re not just pole dancers. We’re women. We’re not just looking cute. We’re not just dancing. We’re in the game, like if you’re a kid and you like playing basketball, that’s what you do. When I look at a girl dancing, I want to see the woman. When I look at a guy dancing, I don’t even have to think of a thing. I just see a woman. I don’t even think about him. Not because he’s not sexy, but because for me, that’s all that matters.

Is pole dancing sexist? Or is it just about gender?

No. And this is really crazy right now. This is what I’m worried about. I’m worried that women will stop pole dancing because men will start doing it. And there will be more guys doing it, because for men to do it, they have to be so macho; they have to have enough muscles just to stand, and then they will want the ladies to do it, so they’ll start asking what will they get. So they’ll start asking for bigger cars, longer hair, and more expensive clothes. That is very sexist.

Do you think it’s just cultural sexism, where women feel that they should just be like men? Or do you think it’s something deeper?

It has more to do with the way we learn about our bodies. And when my friend says it’s not just about girls, or guys; she’s talking about all of us, and it’s about us as people, which means all of us have an influence on each other. My friend is right. It’s about the people we are and it’s about ourselves.

“We’re not just pole dancers. We’re women.”

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