Is pole dancing the same as stripping? – Pole Dance Clothes Etsy Cloth Mask

No. That’s a lot different. So, with pole dancing, we’ve always encouraged couples to take it slow, go at the same pace they do when they’re stripping; they’re just not allowed to do both at one time. But for pole dancing, a couple will get into position and do the moves—but they have to be careful and do them slow, slowly. This will help the dancers and make the show more exciting.

What was the hardest part of the show for you?

The hardest part is that I’ve never seen anything like it so far—so many people wanting it so badly. So many different guys wanting to be there that you just don’t know what to expect. It is so many different styles and guys wanting it; it’s awesome.

What’s the best part of performing at a Pole Dance Show?

The most fun part is seeing the reactions from all those people out there. There are so many people out there that want to see what the dancers are doing and seeing so many different styles and so many different people dancing together in one place at one time—it’s such a beautiful thing.

It reminds me of the opening dance I did at my wedding—it was perfect.

Are there pole dancing contests in Miami?

Miami is an amazing city and very much embraces pole dancing as well as any dance, you know? We’ve got our own championship pole dancing championships and many festivals all around the world. Miami’s great!

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