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The most essential thing you can do to get into good shape is be very active. Exercise is one of the most important things to do for improving your body shape and the bodyfat percentage (you can find a list of these in the chapter on fat loss).

Do not try to look like other people. Pole dancing is not for just anyone. It takes serious commitment, hard work and dedication. So the important thing is that you have this, and have a solid plan before starting.

Does a girl have to be a pole dancer in order to have a pole dancing career?

Not in general for sure. There are some girls with a certain skill set but not the motivation to go forward. Then there are the guys, who are attracted to a woman with beautiful skin, tall height and an excellent body.

Many Pole Dancing Lessons

Do you have a pole dancing lesson? Do you like to perform? Then you will find some great pole dancing tips in this section.

Pole Dancing Tips

Pole dancers are taught by an expert teacher who specializes in improving women’s body shape. The instructor of those girls is considered the best in the world. The teaching level of the pole dancing school will not be too important, it is just a matter of the ability (or lack there of) and level of the student.

So what is a good pole dancing teacher? The best instructors are able to teach you the skill level at which you can reach.

Most pole dancing students only have limited time to spend on dancing. So the best part about pole dancing is that it doesn’t wear off. It is one of those things where the beginner moves get better over time and you start doing more and more amazing moves.

Even if you have already had some experience with other dance forms, the first few days of lessons are essential and you will need time to develop the dance. So it works best to start with classes and to take them on on your own time. Most of these classes are at the local gyms or clubs.

It is not difficult to sign up for a class. Just send the instructor an email with a short intro about yourself and what you have to learn and you will receive your invitation! Just make sure it is an offer of service and not an offer of money. I did this once and they said I didn’t have to pay.

What are some beginner lessons that I recommend?

There are many dance courses in the US

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