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A dancer’s waist is more than enough to keep her body upright and still moving. A more extreme example of the dance-pole effect is the bodyweight movement that occurs when a dancer puts on extra weight: weight-lifting. This occurs by working hard to increase the amount of muscle in the body, but if too much is added the dancer feels light. This is called “faster” dancing.

In order to achieve the effect of dancing with a dance-pole, you should do the following:

Take weight in a slow, controlled and controlled rhythm.

Focus on controlling the body’s movement so as to keep it upright and neutral.

Move slow, but smoothly through the motions so as not to make any movements that disrupt the dance-pole effect.

If you dance without a pole, take the weight when you are on the move to increase the balance of the dance and avoid using your balance and balance skills to control the dance.

If you dance with a dance-pole, have a partner stand next to you as you move to bring the weight to the pole. Use your balance and balance skills to maintain equilibrium.

If you perform with a pole for the first time and do not use a pole, perform the movement with a partner and use the pole.

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