How long does it take to learn to pole dance? – Pole Dance Studio Las Vegas

It is a very exciting job!

We teach pole dancing at the age of 12. And once you do that, you realise that it’s not that hard! It’s like a different skill to most other dancing. I want my students to understand that their dancing can become their life. So, I recommend to them that they do some training before they start pole dancing! It is very important to make sure they understand their technique and technique is very important in the pole dancing, because pole dancing is so technical. Even though it’s not that hard, it is very technical. In this very, very technical sport, even though it doesn’t seem like it, it really can be very, very, very tricky and intense and very, very, very good. It requires dedication and a lot of dedication to do it.

We love this new wave of dance! Why do you think so many young people now are learning pole and how do you think they were inspired to do it?

Well we don’t know, I have no control over what happens in the future, but we do know that they were interested in it and found out about it at a certain time and that was when a certain number of people were becoming interested in this new kind of dance. Because now, people know them, people do their research, people like what they do – but I still don’t know for sure where it will take us. We have to keep pushing and trying to try and get the new wave of people interested in this new and very exciting dance.

I also think that it is very nice that they are doing it. It is very nice that they are interested. It is just a pleasure for them and it is very, very different for them. I think people should embrace this new wave of dancing. Like they always embrace that new dance because it is different for them. I think the challenge of pole dancing has always been the same. But it hasn’t always been easy either. And I am just glad that people are trying, that they are trying. But I also think that we have to have more and more, more and more, dance teachers because the number of people getting into pole dancing is great and we really need more pole dancers.

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I saw your video about your students. Do you have your own training camp?

No, I have nothing planned for this summer, since in a couple of months there are four or five weeks. But it is always great for me to go to different

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