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Once you have the basics down the wazoo you can begin to hone in on the skills you need to learn. This can be a lot of time putting blocks to the ground, learning new tricks, using more poles, and many other moves. However, it’s important to never stop learning from what you have learned at first. If you can keep adding to your repertoire you’ll be a pole dancer at your goal.

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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Step 1: Explore the Dwemer ruins and find the Dark Anchors in Dune Sea, located north of Barenziah’s Wall. If you are able to do so, then you need only to kill the Dark Anchor’s guards (or take their loot) and you will have entered Vivec City.

Step 2: Go up to the gates of Vivec City and find Sotha Sil. He’s not home, unfortunately. Speak to him and he will give you the key to his vault in his secret chamber. Return there and enter the locked chamber, which you may enter (at your own risk). There is a lock on the door, but you can bypass it by using the key on the door. The chest on the floor contains a key to open the door in the other side.

Step 1a: There are several ways to gain access to the Dark Anchors, but the easiest are by being captured. If you are captured, then you need to ask the guards directly, then take their loot (usually an Argonian sword). The guards will usually have some kind of quest that they are on, but don’t have to know it for it to be possible to talk them out of it. There will be one guard on patrol duty every 10 minutes. If you

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