How much does a dance pole cost? – Pole Dance Clothes Etsy Jewelry Rings

Here are the prices, and some general pointers about pricing. Please note, prices are subject to change without notice, so they should be taken with a grain of salt.

I’m selling/putting this on eBay. If anyone wants/can offer me some cash for this, please contact me via eBay as you’re willing to pay more.

As of 4/8/13: A total of 926.95 for this item, down from 1058.95 the previous week.

I’m selling this on eBay here too!

I know this is a $100 dollar item. If you can get it for $75, please feel free to contact me via eBay. I think you’ll find this interesting too, and might be interested in buying one of my other dance poles.

This has been featured in the following news articles, and you might like to check some of them out.

I’m in a band that’s playing that night, and I’m selling this on eBay as well

I can get it for $75, too!

I’m selling/putting this on eBay, if anyone wants/can offer me some cash for it, please contact me via eBay. I’ve seen people paying $100 for this item… and I’m not the least bit interested in buying one for $75 (the price was over $500 the first time I tried to sell this on eBay). If you would like to bid on this item, please send me an e-mail to johnny(at)

Here’s a link to what I’m looking for for this item. I don’t want any of your info here, but if you have any photos of it, please send them to ned-dancepole(at) If I find anything else matching what I have, I will add it below.

This is a $100 dollar pole. If anyone who sees this can please bid this on eBay, then send me an e-mail with any more info you may have. This item is a new design, and I’m willing to buy the best one in exchange for your cash and your interest in my dance pole.

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