How often should you practice pole dancing? – Bachelorette Pole Dancing Classes Las Vegas

If you get in good shape, then you can have a very productive time. You can do three-dimensional pole dancing. But if you take one wrong step, then you cannot keep on doing it. But if you practice, and if you practice well, you can perform at the level of someone without being too old. That’s a difficult thing.

BASARA JANTA: And what about pole dancing schools and courses in India?

SARIKHA GOLI: Many people want to learn pole dancing. But before they train, they always go to a pole-dancing school. What kind of pole-dancing school are you going to train for? Are you going for a class of just one?

When there’s this huge number of young teenagers who are interested in pole dancing and a new girl is interested, why is she in the pole-dancing class? Or she goes to a class of four, five, seven, eight to make sure that she isn’t a virgin. She just doesn’t want to go because she doesn’t want to do that without any experience. Then there are women who, after some time, go to the “school” for three or four months and don’t find any girl or boys.

I believe that these women are very naïve, not having been taught any proper techniques and so I am advising them in this way to go somewhere with no experience other than to dance, to dance one-handed, but not to have any difficulty. Then maybe they will be able to become the pole-dancing experts.

BASARA JANTA: Let’s talk about the pole in India. Is it very hard for some people to understand the pole, especially among young girls?

SARIKHA GOLI: Some girls don’t know the “pole” because it is not very known in the Indian public opinion. Indian women have been dancing for very long.

BASARA JANTA: They are dancing for a very long time. They can recognize the pole. Many of the women have had the opportunity to dance in the Ballet and Opera but they have not gotten the opportunity to dance in music.

SARIKHA GOLI: I was so surprised when I saw pictures of these women. I thought, “My God, isn’t this the best opportunity to be in the Ballet and Opera.” But in India, they don’t have any Ballet dancing, so they don’t

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