How much weight can a dance pole hold? – Pole Dance Routines Easy

The weight of a dance pole at its maximum height depends on several things when you first pick up one. Here I’ll explain these factors, and tell you exactly how much weight to expect from a dance pole and in which direction it should tip when you set it up for dancing (I’ll even show the way the pole should tilt when the dancer is coming up at the top).

Height and Length of Pole

Before anything, figure out how high the pole should be and how much it can tip. How much can tip you can be a little easier to decide on.

The height of your dance pole is probably a good place to start. The height of most dance poles can range from about 13″-14″, but most dancers tend to set them lower as they get more experience.

If the pole’s height is high (say 16″) and it is wider than your hips, then the pole can probably tip away from you at a very low percentage of your body movements–less than 1/4″.

On the other hand, if your pole is low (say 9″) and it is wider than your hips, then the pole is going to be a lot more likely to tip when you dance. Because the pole is wider than your hips, there is a much higher percentage that it will tip at all. Even when it’s only one-half as high.

To compare the two things, you can measure the circumference of your hips and feet so that you have about a 2.5″ difference between the poles. If you have hips that are 6″ shorter than your feet, then you would be at about 15″ on the shorter pole, and 19″ on the longer pole. If your legs also don’t quite match (6″ shorter than feet and 6″ taller than hips), it may be as high as 18″.

Now, let’s talk about how much it will tip at different heights.

How Wide a Pole Should Twist or Tilt

Because of the way the pole bends, the way it moves, and how it feels, it’s easy to make a pretty bad choice as to how much the pole should tip when you dance.

Dancers should usually have at least one of the following tips to live by:

the full “tilt & bend” method, where they start, move, and stop in the same direction as the dancer in their lap;

the “straight and narrow” method, where the pole turns in

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