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I don’t spin at all, so why do I think pole dancing is a good thing?

I don’t spin at all, therefore I have to think that pole dancing is a bad thing.

Why are you so upset if you’ve had a pole dancing job that’s not going great?

The job doesn’t go very well.

You’re not going to be very happy if you walk out of that place tomorrow.

It’s great if you’re having fun but I don’t like to be the guy saying “we don’t like this.”

What’s the definition of a great pole dancing place?

I hate saying things like that.

Why doesn’t he like the definition?

Because it’s not my definition.

Do you think pole dancers should dance around the pole in a group or in a solo?

I don’t like groups.

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I am one who dances in a solo.

I like them in a group.

Why is the person making a solo so “softer”?

I don’t have to be.

Why is the person making the group so “softer”?

Because I don’t have to do it that way.

That would be just as bad as trying to be “softer” when you’re a dancer.

What’s the best position on a pole so the person holding the pole can dance around it?

I don’t know, I have never tried it. I’m assuming that people are like, “why don’t you dance around the pole? What’s wrong with that?”

Do you consider those comments an act of vandalism?

I don’t know if I would consider it vandalism.

Do you think there are certain people who are better on the pole but will get away with it and can keep doing it?

Oh, no, that doesn’t happen.

Why does that happen?

Maybe because they’re afraid of losing their jobs.

I don’t know, maybe because they know how they’re treated in our business.

You mean the same kind of people who get away with it in the music business?

Maybe they’re the same people who get away from that, but they don’t say that.

Are it really worse if people say it as a joke or if it’s a serious issue?

I don’t think the people who say it

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