Can you spin on a static pole? – Jennifer Lopez Hustlers Pole Dance Scene From Footloose Burning

(This is another good one. It also works without any wheels).

How do you spin on the grass? (Well, you could try the above, but this also requires a few extra steps). You also don’t want to try to keep the pole perfectly level. You just want it so that the pole doesn’t spin to one side or the other (which can be tricky if you’re looking for any sort of stability!).

This is how I think I’d do the spinning in one picture; the second picture shows how I would spin on a static pole and the final picture shows a rotating pole. If I were doing this with my kids they probably wouldn’t even understand the spinning part, let alone try it on the grass.

If you’ve got children, think about putting them in an environment with a stable structure. Have them stand together in a circle at least a foot or two across. If the pole is at least a foot high you can put their legs in the gap between the poles and spin them around for their amusement (but they still need to obey the rules of physics).

As well as getting to see them spin themselves, you’re also going to get some awesome videos – if I’m honest, the kids don’t usually understand anything about anything as they’re just having fun.

When I see something and think to myself: “Well, this is nice, but my children shouldn’t use that”, the answer will not always come back immediately. That was my first attempt. I was trying to get my two toddlers to stop using it as an obstacle to their toy and their curiosity got the better of them – well it was in the end they did stop but after a while of being distracted by their own toy, they didn’t understand why I’d let them play that way.

This is me trying to explain the idea to my toddler so now I’ve got the gist of it.

If you wanted to do these sort of projects with your little one, remember that they’ll be happy for their help but also need lots of practice so don’t get excited if you have an extra hour on your hands. As I always say, use the time wisely and you definitely won’t regret it.

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