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They dance.” [12]
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“I’m not a professional dancer — I’m an entertainer.”

“What can you do as pole dancer? What’s your profession?” “You can wear a wig. You can do a bit of modelling. You can make your own clothes.” [13]

“A pole dancer is a dancer with a pole.”

“I don’t use poles for personal, I use them for entertainment.”

“You need to be able to swing.” [14]

“How do dancers learn to swing?” “They go out and practice. They practice with props and stuff and just see what happens.” [15]

“There are two pole dancing styles — one where you just swing. That’s one of the more popular styles and if you can swing that great, but there’s also a kind of more advanced kind where you teach other people how to swing in order to teach your dancers.” [16]

“The thing about dance is that if you don’t practise with the props, your feet won’t feel good. And this is why it’s a real struggle.”

“People ask, ‘Do you have a teacher?’ and my answer is, ‘Yeah, I have a teacher.'” [17]

“I have no interest in being a professional pole dancer. I think people are just scared of that. I’m just a person that is really passionate about doing something.” [18]

“Most people who are very talented at it in the pole world seem to be the kind of people who don’t have a real education at all. So they’re just learning as any other, not with any kind of degree. People think if you’re the kind of person that wants to be a professional, then maybe you ought to go find one of those people so that you can do more of it.” [19]

Trivia Edit

Pole Dancing, in the United States, is now almost exclusively a male subject.

Despite the fact that it has been around for quite a while, the show is not generally considered to be a ‘great’ show. Some may call pole dancing ‘unpopular’, since it is not a well known phenomenon amongst the general public. While this was the case of the original Dancing with the Stars , they have recently had the benefit of winning and getting into the Super Bowl, making it the biggest television show in the history of the US and making it possible for them to be in

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