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PornHub has been fined $350,000 after its business practices and the manner in which it implemented them were judged by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over the last three months. The company was also put on administrative leave from advertising a feature to give subscribers the ability to vote on whether a movie has a sex scene.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission made the decision Tuesday.

In December, the FTC said the company was encouraging consumers to vote on whether a movie had a sex scene by giving them the ability to make those decisions over the Internet, which is one of the reasons the law said the company should get the attention. For free, the videos would play the video for the duration, and if there was a sex scene, the viewer would have the ability to decide if the movie is pornographic.

PornHub’s policy for how the company implements those policies was not fully explained at the time the FTC investigated, in part because of its unusual format. It showed users the video to determine if it contained nudity — but not with any other explicit content — and had the ability to have users leave a rating (an up or down vote) of a video’s contents by choosing how long, if at all, they would be watching.

In June 2015, the FTC alleged the company was misleading consumers. After a consumer voted on a porn video, a representative from PornHub would contact the consumer via social media to learn more about the video. In one instance, the company gave consumers “tutorials” on how to vote on the video, and then sent them a link for where to

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