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This is where I get confused. The job descriptions for the people that work at the big photo agencies say you should be a “photographer apprentice” or an “agency photographer apprentice.” They don’t mention the name of the company that has to make your assignment.

It’s the “photographer.” And the “agency.”

To me that sounds like a job where there’s a lot of control. They don’t have to hire you – and by a lot, I mean a lot! There’s a huge amount of stuff to pay for, for the equipment, the rent, for the travel – and for what happens next.

Do they have you do everything by yourself?

Yeah, sometimes, yes. It’s about them, not you. The photos were taken by the people who actually did the shots.

That’s a big difference, that way.

Yes, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen how this can turn into something very nasty, when things go wrong.

Photo editors are used to having a lot of control.

They want a picture to sell. They want to be the photographers. But there’s other things they care about. They need to do quality control. There’s a lot of things they need to put aside for themselves. And for someone with no background in photography, having control is very difficult. If they don’t have that experience and no experience of managing their own business, it’s very hard to understand.

I was really lucky to be able to put my own business on hold, and get into this business.

My job was to be an experienced, qualified writer. The experience you need is writing as much as you possibly can. I had to be an expert at that, and learn it by doing.

That makes sense.

It’s a completely different skill set. So I can actually write better.

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But writing is your whole life. You have your writing books, all of your columns, all of your books published. All of your stuff.

And the photos, and how you photograph them. So to say you’re not paid for writing and photography is a little bit of a stretch.

My only salary was from freelance work. But the pay itself was never very high.

So you had to earn your own money?


If someone has to make up that amount, it’s not going to be all that great.

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