Who owns Corel software? – How To Earn Money Upload Video On Youtube In Hindi

In 2015, Microsoft bought U.S. online software maker Corel, one of the leading desktop programs on Windows and Mac OS X. A decade ago, it was one of the two largest software makers in the world, with sales of about $2 billion in 2013. Corel now says it has about 80 million active U.S.-based users, mostly for business products.

So you are the owner of a U.S. software company.

Yes. At current market prices, Microsoft has a 50 percent ownership stake in Corel. It also has a 10 percent stake in U.S. software startup Intuit, as well as a 50 percent stake in British online bank Lloyds.

What are the operating losses at Corel in 2015?

While Intuit, for example, runs in the red, Corel is one of the U.S.’s biggest and most profitable software makers. It lost money last year on revenue of $1.6 billion, down 12.8 percent from 2012.

What is Corel’s outlook for 2016?

This is a tough one for shareholders. As much as Corel is now profitable, it still faces tough economic times, including a weak global economy. It doesn’t make too sure about its long-term outlook, saying only that the company “is not immune to our industry’s downturns.”

As the tech industry continues to struggle, what do you think about the future of big business software?

For now, there will always be a place for software giants to go when there’s no one else left. For some, however, Big Data offers a different, new kind of business. And new online services are taking over the world (see our latest report, “How Big Data Might Revolutionize Business”).

If that happens, and there’s no way to make a profit selling other companies software, big data companies will eventually be forced into selling other firms software. Maybe someone will come up with the idea of selling it to you.

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