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To create a watermark in Photoshop, use the Brush tool and a mask. Select the brush you’re going to use and hit the Blur Radius, Lock Blur and Remove all settings icons. Go back to the File menu and select Create Layer Mask . Fill the mask layer with black, and then change the layer blending mode to Overlay. Set the brush for a stroke. After you have selected the stroke of the brush that you wish to use, hit the Paint icon in the Toolbox. You can also paint directly to the mask layer by hitting the PIP icon. Using the Paint icon, select the brush you chose for the stroke of your brush and paint over the mask layer. Now we want to apply this stroke to the outer layers.

Adding Watermarks

There are lots of ways to create a unique watermark in Photoshop but I found the following technique easier than my previous creation, which you can see in the video below on Vimeo.

You’ll need to create a new layer as the base image for your watermark (remember to select a layer mask in Photoshop if you do this). To do this, select the layer and then tap B and select a background layer.

Now make your watermark in Photoshop. Set the fill to white. Set the stroke to black. Set the opacity of the stroke to 95%. Make the brush as a black line. Fill the fill layer with black, apply your stroke, and set the opacity of the stroke to 90%. With the stroke brush set, go to Select > Clipping Mask and make sure you check the Add Clipping Mask option. Then go to Brush > Drop Shadow, fill the screen with black, and set the fill to black. Apply your stroke and mask, set the opacity to 30%. Make your watermark a black box (to hide). This step isn’t strictly necessary but can help create a more unique watermark.

Using this technique, you can even be creative with watermarks you’ve created in past.


A good watermark is one that stands out from the rest of the image. With our experience building watermarks based on other images we have seen in our photos, it felt obvious to us that watermarks shouldn’t be too bold or too elaborate. We went through the image and then decided it fit the description, so now we feel free to add watermarks that we created before and that may still be useful.


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