How long has digital photography been around? – Watch Videos To Make Money Online

The first recorded image on film was shot on an 11 x 14 camera and the first colour photograph was made by an artist with a black and white camera. Both of these still existed and they both took place in the mid 1960s.

Are digital photographs the equivalent of a still photo? Yes, they can be. Both photographic memory and digital imaging techniques are derived from the same fundamental premise. As far as the underlying mechanism is concerned, there are two main processes: the storage of data and the manipulation of it to bring about the desired effect. This should not need to be taken to mean that digital photography has no analogic basis, as it is simply a matter of the storage-memory system being altered through the use of the processing technology in use throughout the process.

Can an image be enhanced using an application? Yes, although usually an enhanced image will not provide any additional information in any way to the digital record, rather it will give the photographer additional ‘hand-outs’ that would be of little use to the viewer. Examples are as follows (these are not definitive)

A cropped image on a computer can increase the field of view in a way that cannot be achieved with the image originally taken on the camera, and will thus enhance the original image. However it will not provide information for a viewer or viewer application other than that it has been resized.

If you have an exposure compensation dial on the camera’s viewfinder, a bright pixel of it will show in the exposure compensation dial, rather than the full image that is normally in focus. However if you have the exposure compensation dial ‘locked’ in your viewfinder, the bright pixel will appear in the viewfinder instead. The brightness shown in the exposure compensation dial is not actually information to a viewer or viewer application. Some of these effects can be seen as side-effects of the image processing and the exposure software that has been used to achieve them, rather than any enhancement in the image.

Do I need to pay to view the image when I take it? This depends on your circumstances. If you are in a hotel room (as you are for most wedding photographers) you can view a camera-original image without paying. However in larger venues, if you need to pay an entrance charge such as for a glass elevator, a glass partition, or if you need to have certain equipment at the venue then this can be extremely expensive to cover.

Do I need to hire a professional photographer in place of myself? An average wedding photographer

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