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We have heard a lot of claims over the years and have been hearing from a lot of people. But one piece of advice we usually give is to never let a claim get in the way of learning about photography or the industry. It takes time, experience, and a bit of research to get a lot right. We’ll make decisions as to exactly how much to pay you based on what you’ve seen. We do our best to put you in a position to get paid fairly. We want to keep as many independent photographers in business as possible so we can afford to do everything we can to make sure they aren’t stuck working as a photographer if they’re not making much money.

What do you charge for your work?

To be honest, it’s not really what’s wrong with our business model that we’re concerned with. It’s actually the pricing of everything you hear from people. And it’s all a bit of a mystery as to why you hear our prices. We’ve always looked at pricing as being the way people have heard us say they want us to do things – as our value proposition. So it’s really up to you to ask, “How much do I want from you and when do I want to see my work?” In other words, if you don’t make enough money from you, that shouldn’t stop you getting anything from us. All we ask is that you make enough from us that you’re happy, it looks great on your website and there are some perks we’ve built into the package.

What are you hearing from photographers who work for other photographers?
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In a way, we’re doing a lot to help the photographers and their clients. We’ve tried to give them a sense of how the market is currently shaping up and what the trends are at the moment. We’ll work on a case-by-case basis with photographers who are interested in getting into the online freelance marketplace. It’s always worth doing some research before jumping to any conclusions. This isn’t all that surprising considering how much of a mess the freelancing market is in at the moment.

The reason why we have such strong relationships with so many photographers and the services we offer is actually because for a very, very long time, some of the photographers that we work with went their own way because they were just too lazy to look up prices online. It wasn’t until quite a few years ago that a lot of photographers started seeing the value we could offer, so it wasn’t like it

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