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The last time you saw a naked man walking along the sidewalk in downtown Seattle, your gut probably told you something was wrong—probably, like, you had a hunch it was a scam or something and not necessarily just your gut telling you this.

But now, thanks to the Seattle Police Department (SPD) and city council, that’s no longer the case.

Officers responded to the report on Feb. 15, when a man dressed in a black shirt walked down the middle of First Avenue S.E. The man was described as approximately “5-foot-10” to “5-foot-11” tall and with black hair. According to the SPD and the city council, the man was spotted by a passerby and later arrested.
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Since he was discovered during a routine traffic stop, the SPD will not release the man’s identifying information.

“That’s why we’re sharing images and identifying info so all of the other people that have been stopped by police can know what they’re doing wrong,” Seattle Chief Kathleen O’Toole said Wednesday, according to KING 5.”We still believe at the end of the day that if you’re on the street, you’re going to get stopped every day.”

The SPD and city council have agreed to keep the man’s identity under wraps to avoid distracting the public from the fact officers are going out of their way to prevent drug-related crime.

The city council’s Public Safety Committee will have an opportunity to review the incident next Thursday, and if the council approves, a law will have to be passed to make it available for citizens to view and comment on online.

The SPD is expected to release the man’s video footage, as well as his video from his arrest, on Wednesday.

This week’s episode of “Family Guy” took a darker turn when the family returned to St. Louis. Unfortunately, our heroes were caught in the crossfire of one of their old flame’s wedding, and a couple of the old faces returned in the form of the newest guest (who also happens to be their estranged grandfather.) Brian and Paul also had a close encounter with the “Man in Black” and had a brief showdown with a villain with far less of a conscience than he shows up to do business in the premiere.

But in spite of that, “Family Guy” did get a pretty good bang for its buck with some well-earned laughs and characters that made me laugh along throughout

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