How do you get paid for selfies? – Making Money From Shutterstock

– by Anna Auerbach, Business Insider Ask anyone who loves to photograph and has some spare cash, and they’re probably at least a little bit confused.

To be fair though, selfies do have their purposes. It can be an easy way to get someone’s attention when they have to move fast, or maybe you want to capture something like a moment of love, or just a feeling of calm that you’re experiencing yourself in your own way.

But sometimes you just want to capture some beauty without the hassle of snapping away. But before you put that camera away though, it’s important to know exactly what’s being captured and why.

As we can see in the above GIF, you can capture yourself while using a mobile phone with Live Photos — meaning your face is captured but your camera is on.

Live Photos have a much larger file size and can only be used with a phone camera with the same type of device.

Live Photos and phone cameras can’t share the same basic settings from one of them, nor can they share a selfie with the same angle. This means you need to know what type of camera you want to use and the settings for that type of camera before you can decide what to use.

That’s why many people prefer to shoot with a smartphone camera, and there are tons of tutorials to get you started. You can also find great pictures from people using smartphones by searching “smartphone photography”, the main way.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular smartphone cameras, with links to those that can share the same functions:

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