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The state of photography today

The rise in popularity of digitally-native forms means that photography has become a more flexible medium. In fact, it is now a multi-media media and a whole ecosystem on its own. This presents a great opportunity to create an image that is both unique to its creator and to the industry at large.

Below is a detailed, chronological list of the major areas of the industry where photography is growing and declined.

Digital photography

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Digital technologies including new digital cameras, cameras with digital zoom, and the rise of digital video recording has led to high resolution, large dynamic range, wide dynamic range and greater sharpness. These all lead to a decline in traditional photography.

The use of large format cameras and the high resolution of some of these devices is already making their way into photographic practice. However, with the advent of digital editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and the introduction of professional photo editors, and photographers are now moving away from using the huge format cameras that used in the past. This decline in camera-based photographic practice has not only affected the photographic market, but is also leading to growing pressure on traditional media and media outlets to offer their services in digital mode.

This change in digital practice has been particularly significant among photographers who have grown up using large or medium format cameras. As the largest digital cameras have become more popular, smaller cameras are being found in the hands of more people and the number of people using these cameras is increasing by the month. This has led to photographers needing to produce larger and larger prints and digital images. The amount of photographers using digital camera and processing software is also increasing.

This is leading to digital images being used more often for marketing purposes. As we will see below, the traditional media companies are very keen to present and advertise their products and services in digital form.

This decline in traditional media practice is having a chilling effect on other areas of the industry. For example, video-centric photojournalism is starting to move away from using small format analog cameras to their digital counterparts. And while the medium of film still seems like a viable medium for many photographers, it is starting to become too expensive and time consuming for many to develop and export their work from film to digital, and to process their image content into larger, high bit-rate video formats.

Small format cameras still are a vital element of photography but the current focus on digital mediums is

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